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What to look for in an Optometrist

When looking for an Optometrist it’s important to know that you’re getting your eye exam with someone with a clean background and that they have their Doctor of Optometry (DO) degree placed visibly where you can easily see it.

eye doctor

Your best bet would be to look online. I personally use either Wal-mart or Costco for eye exams. Both places have their own optometrist office separate of the company (their are private from Walmart/Costco). To get a private office in those companies optometrist would have to pay a high amount of rent because of all the traffic they are getting from Walmart/Costco customers, and when you get a lot of customers you are bound to have access to many reviews from those customers. I like to use those reviews to see if the optometrist is legit or not. There are other ways to verify but this is just a time efficient way for me to do it as I live a busy life.

Another reason why I choose optometrist from these locations is because of the price. The prices range from $60-$90 depending on your location and other factors but I am willing to pay up to $90 for an eye exam. My experience with an optometrist has always been smooth and never had a problem with this method and I have been visiting the eye Doctor for over 10 years.



Here is a video with some more information on eye doctors: